Wednesday, 21 November 2018

How To Choose Best Laundry Service

Wearing a woolen clothes or party dresses are admired by all but for giving them in dry-cleaning we choose any dry cleaning service provider or dry cleaner that’s really unfair with our beloved and favorite woolens. So if looking for professionallaundry service for our expensive clothes  We must consider some points to be taken care while giving our woolens for dry-cleaning services like:
1.      Fast &Effective:
             You must take care of that the dry cleaner to whom you are giving your laundry service must be fast and effective so that he can deliver your product on the promised date with no compromise in service.

            There are many dry-cleaners who provide free pickup and drop services at the customer door step. These services provide the extra facility by the dry cleaners for the people which is very beneficial for the customer who really want laundry service but due to the busy schedule get delayed. Free pickup and drop laundry service near me search on Google and you can take the best service at your door step.

             Providing the laundryservice for expensive and designer clothes so that your party wear always looks like party ready. Premium laundry service is offered specifically for expensive clothes. In our premium laundry service every single piece gets cleaned up properly which makes your expensive clothes looks new after every wash.

4.     Damage/Losspolicy:
               Always confirm the damage and loss policy from the dry-cleaners so that if any damage or loss occurred you may be on a safe side in that case, do not choose a service where there is no guarantee.

5.     TurnaroundTime:
                If you are a regular customer and required regular laundry service you must choose a laundry service nearyour area who can provide you the delivery on time.

So always choose a laundry service for your expensive clothes while taking the above things into the consideration.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Why To Laundry Our Clothes

 The Bespoke Laundry

We all have different clothes for different occasions, casual clothes, office clothes, party clothes, etc.
We take good care of our clothes but sometimes we do get some sticky stains on our clothes and especially the party one as we enjoy at our party time and sometimes some food or drink roll on our clothes,  but at that moment we still party hard.
  Stains spoil our special clothes which no one likes but not to worry if we dry-clean our clothe on the time it remains fit for another party. We always dry-clean our expensive clothes, dry-clean wedding clothes, dry-clean party clothes etc. as we don't want to lose our expensive outfits. 
  But who has the spare time to put our clothes into dry-cleaning, nowadays we all are busy in a busy working life and thinks too much to get some spare time for our important works and in such a short period who cares about dry-cleaning, but not to worry our company "The Bespoke Laundry" gives you the service of home pickup laundry and drop off laundry for your expensive and party clothes. We give the guarantee of our professional laundry service to keep your clothes gentle fresh and new.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Laundry Pickup Service | The Bespoke Laundry Company

The Bespoke Laundry is a leading online laundry company in Noida providing its services in Delhi NCR. We are here to provide you our professional service of laundry for your party wears, Also provide you the home pickup service for your party clothes or expensive clothes. We offer laundry online as well as door to door laundry service. Our company laundry machine and process are very much standardized which will really take care of your gentle clothes. Our market niche is very much specific as we deliver high-quality laundry service to our client’s designer clothes. Just search laundry pickup and delivery near me, wash and fold service near me or drop off laundry near me “The Bespoke Laundry” is here.